'Meat' The Family

Our team is like family!

Smoke Pit Grill is a family owned, local restaurant dedicated to serving a variety of flavorful dishes in a casual atmosphere with friendly service. While we specialize in smoked meats, SPG is much more than a bar-b-que joint. Bar-b-que favorites will always be on the menu. Better yet, the SPG menu also offers a variety of comfort food. Our specials are available every weekend. Award winning chili and specialty soups rotate throughout the chilly season. Other than some fried foods, every menu item is made fresh from house recipes that have been perfected over many years, including the sauces.



Gordon is passionate about smoking various meats and creating authentic barbecue. He is also devoted to crafting recipes that have depth to the flavor, where taste “Pops” when eaten. His nickname is the “Taste Meister” because he likes to give out tastes and get folk’s feedback. His favorite past time is traveling and competing in national bbq competitions.


Business Manager

After retiring as a civil trial lawyer, Lori switched careers to manage the business aspects of the restaurant. Lori has the ability to talk to anyone, anywhere, about almost anything. She truly enjoys visiting with patrons at their table, getting to know them and learning about their dining experience. Lori’s favorite escape from job and mom duties is going to a paint night with girlfriends.

Smoke Pit Grill... Casual Dining at its Best!

And So, the Story began…Firehouse Bar-B-Que

In Fall 2014, friends pestered Gordon to make his soups, and two smokers on the back deck were getting a lot of smoke time as Gordon refined his smoking skills. Deciding to jump into a new venture as a pre-retirement plan, Gordon and Lori Taylor opened Firehouse Bar-B-Que, a mobile food trailer and full catering service.

Time to Settle Down…

For years, our bar-b-que fans frequently remarked, “Where are you located?” and “You should open a restaurant.” After some soul searching, Gordon and Lori decided to again venture out. We finally found Staples Mill Marketplace and immediately knew it was the perfect location for Smoke Pit Grill, and the home of Firehouse Bar-B-Que. We chose to change the name to Smoke Pit Grill so we wouldn’t be limited to just bar-b-que. With that said, the fusion of a gourmet restaurant and a bar-b-que joint was born. We truly love this community!

The Competition…

Competing in KCBS Sanctioned Barbecue Competitions is a passion for Pitmaster Gordon. As seen on the tv show “BBQ Pitmasters”, the Firehouse Competition Team has won several awards in many national competitions over the past three years. Gordon applies his competition expertise at the restaurant to make our smoked meats an Authentic Specialty at SPG.

A little about the Owners

Prior to Firehouse Bar-B-Que, Gordon was an EMS volunteer and ER Medic; hence “Firehouse” where Gordon spent many nights. Lori was a civil trial lawyer for 20 years, defending personal injury lawsuits for a large auto insurance company.

It’s All About You…Seriously

Welcome! Please feel free to ask your server questions about menu items. If you’d like to meet the owners, just ask. Have a suggestion for a new menu item? Please share! At Smoke Pit Grill, we want you to enjoy a dining experience like no other! Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram. Make sure you tell your friends about us so they too can enjoy Smoke Pit Grill.

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